Motivational Momentum Forums

Keeping the training relevant and focused for everyone involved is key to keeping the program on track for long-term results. How to jumpstart a new phase, rekindle the flames for an existing program, or launch a program full scale, can be one strategy implemented three ways.

The DRB Group will work with you to identify key times within the training program to establish motivational forums to identify leadership and success for the training, not just success for the results. The success of the results can take a while for the employee to see and feel a part of. To build upon the success of the training helps the employee to understand that the entire process will be rewarded, not just the end results. This way everyone is encouraged to dig in for the long haul and make the commitment to changing organizational behavior.

Possible deliverables: Development and production of small scale forums throughout the footprint with key employees which include recognition and rewards for the training process.