Corporate fraud, money laundering, and white collar crimes cost shareholders and individuals billions of dollars a year. This widespread fraud has been on the increase since the year 2000. The DRB Group LLC white collar fraud division has the investigative services and trained personnel to expose the root of complex corporate fraud actions and minimize damages and misappropriations. We will systematically integrate our undetectable systems and trained investigators into your present hierarchy of command and uncover the base of the irregularities/fraudulent acts and make the private recommendations to correct/repair the actions or opportunity areas.

Our skilled investigators, attorneys, accountants, and Sarbanes-Oxley professionals work with the client to adhere to all compliance regulations and uncover any actions that are not recognized as certifiable actions. Internal auditing, accounting departments and applied practices are thoroughly targeted and explored. Global tracking of misappropriated funds are exposed, located, and seized. Let us help you to uncover and or develop methods and practices that will safely combat this area in your operation.